FRAGUS SAM OPDATERING (v1.36 – 26. oktober 2020).

I dag den 26. oktober 2020 har vi rullet en stor opdatering ud i FRAGUS SAM.

Version 1.36.1 Monday 26/10/2020

FRAGUS SAM WEBBEREGNER (på forhandlers hjemmeside):

  • On payments page, round number of recurring payments to integer
  • In case the number is totally unreasonable don’t show it at all
  • New payment page
  • Some translation issues
  • Not be able to register as customer that already is admin or seller

FRAGUS SAM API (forbindelser til eksterne):

  • Stripe version 8.69 (with typescript)
  • Email notification to customer after adding new card
  • Add-existing-user-to-contract-provider
  • feature/add-existing-user-to-contract-provider
  • fix/miscs
  • fix/set-permissions-uniq-provider
  • All vehicle lookups to external data provider are now logged, with information if they can be matched or not
  • Replacement for old Download Service Agreements report
  • New report options on contracts
  • Helios/Draxar API, fix error that did not show all options on contract, show assoc (included/additional) for options, VIN is now mandatory on search (for not be able to download all contracts)
  • Added header translation on file exports for publicly available reports
  • Fix error that customer did get email intended for provider when registering from webcalc
  • Fix error in statistics, resulting from big numbers being represented as strings and added like strings
  • Fix error that made it look in the action log as if offer was sent to customer when it was not (after user had opened the payment page and closed again)
  • API (Report) Provider info, to be used by V4
  • On workshop operations upload, allocation to service contract is now done in more correct way
  • Passwords on live database will not be set to default values, must always be set manually. Current passwords that are default will be reset
  • Warranties setup for Finland
  • Minimum monthly payment adjusted for be able to handle different amounts for different currencies
  • Values from the three ‘decline on’ properties when create new provider in Stripe now get true by default

FRAGUS SAM Admin (bruger med administrations adgang):

  • User list; For a user that is Admin on several providers it is now possible to list users on all these providers without changing active role.
  • User list; Added a search field (searches on name and email address).
  • Model-Not-Found: In the contract flow when searching a vehicle, if the vehicle is not found in the price file or the vehicle has some missing data, instead of an error message a new vehicle-mapper component is shown, where the user manually can set brand, vehicle-model, fuel-type and registration number.
  • Create/Edit user popup:  A user now is able to set permissions for a user on all providers where he is Admin in the same popup. When creating a new user, and the email already exists, it no longer gives error, instead new permissions are added to the existing user. When deleting a user that has permissions on providers where the current user is not admin, then the user is not deleted/disabled, instead the permissions on the provider where the current user is admin are removed.
  • Copy offer: From the contract details page, if a contract is in offer state, it is now possible to create a new offer with values from existing offer prefilled (The purpose of this is, that if you want make only some small changes to an existing offer, then you don’t need create a new offer from scratch)
  • Dealer paid warranties: Dealer paid warranties can now have dealer specific customer prices. If these are specified then the dealer paid warranty dialog shows these prices instead of the fragus fees.
  • New payment page
  • Adjustment offers can not be copied
  • Translation/Currency and spelling issues
  • Better filtering of sentry messages
  • On payment page, now minimum total payment is shown (depending on least number of months that need pass until customer is allowed to cancel)
  • Different colors for different warranty types in dialog for dealer paid warranties
  • Optionally a dealer can now have Customer prices for dealer paid warranties, that are shown in the Dealer pid warranty popup instead of Dealer fee.
  • Hide EAN-field for Finland with config file
  • Fix error that can result in negative monthly payments (If seller did set large discount and then made changes that gave total price that was lower than the discount)
  • Help texts for report search fields
  • Fix error message saying a customer already exists
  • Don’t show the downpayment arrow when there are no options to be selected
  • Moved the customer and payment button on the create new offer page
  • Fix error when extending contract when 0 months remaining on parent contract
  • Search field for registration number now capitalizes automatically
  • At “Create New Offer” view: Move button “CUSTOMER & PAYMENT” to bottom of page
  • Øre/km text on contract PDF not shown for contract with calculation method 200
  • When vehicle lookup on netwheel fails (Finnish), try another (more expensive) lookup
  • In VehicleForm, when creating a free contract, will now show a notice when reg.num./VIN was loaded in background (and the fields autofilled )


  • TS upgrade
  • Be able to set parent provider for a provider
  • Tables are now sortable by their columns
  • Add minimumPaymentsCount field to templates


Best regards